Horizon 36

Who we are? Come and meet us, travel with us

Horizon 36 is born as a group of friends who find nature in all its nuances and its flavors. The choice of name, Horizon 36, is inspired by the desire to discover new locations, by always looking beyond to explore new horizons. The passion for the outdoor activities and love for Stand Up Paddle together with the desire to travel and  to share emotions are the foundation of Horizon 36.

In October 2014, the founder, Luca Ambrosoni, creates the official page on Facebook, where they posted pictures of the activities, and he creates the group also, always within the same social, with the aim of informing the people concerned about the future programmed destinations . This gives the opportunity to the curious to join the group, to try the sup and not to be the spectators, because we know: everything that moves and makes us feel alive must to be tried on his own skin.

The sense of inner well-being reached, pushes to document and tell every experienced proved on Facebook, because the magical moments deserve to be shared and this means that the page on the social reaches thousands of views in no time. The activities are followed incessant and they exponentially increase the desire to travel and to discover places less and less accessible. Despite the 30,000 km in a year by Horizon 36 to reach the many goals set, the deep emotions felt make each trip unique and special, as if every adventure it were the first.

In the summer of 2016 Luca Ambrosoni, driven by the passion and dedication for touring through the sup, he decides to realize an idea that for years was taking the field in his thought: he transforms his group of friends in a Sports Association which becomes a portal to many outdoor activities.