Listen to your body

The YOGA CLASSES and workshops that we offer drive the students to learn different techniques in which is the practice to leads to learn yoga and to discover themselves. This method, sweet but intense and deep, makes the various techniques accessible to all.

Regularity in practice produces stability in what the sage Patanjali called “modifications” or “storms” of the mind, as well as the general physical health, acting so deep and full of all organs and systems.

BENEFITS for physical, mental and emotional health are innumerable and corroborated by the more modern medical and scientific research. The practice of yoga is to acquire greater flexibility and strength, improves cardiovascular and respiratory system, the osteo-articular one, balances the nervous system and therefore has a positive effect on symptoms of stress and insomnia, affects endocrine system and internal organs and it induces a deep psycho-emotional balance. It is no longer rare, now, that doctors advise yoga as a supplement in the treatment of various symptoms. The aim is also to provide, through yoga, theoretical and technical knowledge for the development of human qualities and the opportunity to get involved to uncover deep and open the doors to the changes that characterize a yogic lifestyle.

The practice of INTEGRAL YOGA  is a path toward achieving deep integration. A path of learning and sharing where the body, mind and spirit find their harmonious balance.

The discipline of the INTEGRAL YOGA MOON SUN consists of sequences based on:

  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama (conscious breathing exercises)

and the use of other techniques that already during execution, lead the mind to be absorbed by the perceptions, the consciousness and the state of stillness and concentration. It is not uncommon, in fact, that by working on the body, on the gentle recovery of its flexibility and strength, the experience of deeper breathing and nutritious for the cells and the mind, and deepening the silence and awareness through meditation and deep relaxation, we can transpose from the first encounters a condition of greater calm, peace and inner joy.